Wednesday, 2 May 2012

hi folks

please visit Foliate Oak magazine in Arkansas  May Issue to read my new story:

"The Third Bullet"

about how a war veteran attends a fiftieth anniversary D-day ceremony, and what universal truth it proves to himself and his carer.

go to :


  1. Good story, Stu. I wanted to leave a comment about your comment on EDF about Friday's story. You wondered if the story was about being afraid to enter a disco. Hilarious.

    And then I got to read your story, which I enjoyed very much, so that worked out rather well.

    Cheers, Amanda

  2. Thank you Amanda. I'm glad you liked the story in Foliate Oak. I must say that I have always sought illumination from your comments on EDF Fiction website.

    If you like hilarious stories, then may I recommend my nascent cricket short story site, even if you don't like cricket.

    best wishes