Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Courtship by an Equilibrist

Is your love life sometimes like walking a tightrope stretched out in public view?

poem published by Every day poets in 2013

Courtship by an Equilibrist

A secret street performer,
Without coin-inviting cap or sign.
You can’t see me. You don’t know yet
That I’m here, the balancer in your life.

Zephyr amongst the crowd, I launch
Soap bubbles which float unseen
To pop their good luck on you.
Did you feel that touch on your arm?

When all your traffic lights were green
And your phone calls went through – 
That was due to my juggling with
The junction boxes of your days.

Soon you’ll spot me in your thoughts:
No longer an act, I’ll be risking it all.
There’s danger in the next steps on the line.
Hold tight that line. Don’t let me fall.

Stuart Larner

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