Thursday, 25 August 2016

Another previously published poem.

Map Reading

“This is where we started from,” you say.
A feeble line, on uncertain ground,
Wispy as your hair once on my coat.

“This is where we think we went,” you say.
A wavering contour took us round
And back – though no higher, yet so close.

“This is where we meet again,” you say.
Looking for pointers is how we found
Each other, when thinking we were lost.

Stuart Larner

first published Kansas City Voices (Volume 10),2012

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

In acknowledgement of the Rio Olympics,
a poem reprinted from EDP magazine:

Pool Lifeguard

From my high chair I watch them
splash and kick, push and drift.
That’s how they measure progress here.

A passer-by might often think
my life is sunshades and casual cotton.
But swimmers know my legs
are bared for instant rescue.

My whistle halts their risky tricks:
I can save lives without moving,
but, surprised, they freeze as if I’d killed them.

Stuart Larner