Tuesday, 12 December 2017

News of my latest short story

My play “Pictures at an Exhibition” has been published as a short story in the anthology “Glit-er-ary” by Bridgehouse Publishing. Follow the link for an extract.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

"Gliterary" from Bridgehouse Publishing is coming out soon .
It contains my story: "Pictures at an Exhibition", about two children perilously trapped in pictures in a  five dimensional world, and the attempts by their mother and art gallery attendant to rescue them.
find out more here:


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Review of "Extraordinary" by Dawn Knox.
Dawn Knox writes war stories, horror, speculative fiction, romance, and this is the third book she has published.
It is a collection of stories, varying from the simple to the complex. It encompasses a whole range of speculative and science fiction, and also horror.
I found these stories intriguing from the beginning and the set-up in each one culminated in a startling ending.
‘Earthrights’ has witty puns on the character’s names: Bohnan the Carbairian who wants a holiday home in the Drosophila Galaxy convinces another being to buy Earth off him by offering an attractive bonus.
A longer science fiction story is ‘To Sleep – Perchance to Live’ detailing a tragic event involving mutation and bacteria on a space station where all the crew suspect each other.
The horror stories include ‘The Game’ where the main character has to garrotte someone, and ‘Hell of a Time’ where Matthew Norris dies and is sent to hell to confront his fears. In ‘Leave it to Lester’ a man has regular brain servicing to make him docile, but decides to hatch a gruesome plan to escape. ‘The Way of the Obtectus’ also involves a gruesome metamorphosis, but has an optimistic ending.
 ‘The Four Riders of the <s> Apopalycse </s> Apocalypse’ is a skit on a biblical story. A prankster in heaven plays a joke on another angel involving a bogus job that attracts cyclists via a fish and chip shop postal address.
Amongst the magic speculative stories, ‘In Need of a Fairy Godmother’ asks the reader to decide on the philanthropy of this particular fairy godmother. ‘Solid as Rock-Mate’ sees unemployed Martin discovering a magic pebble with unexpected consequences. Henry‘s optimistic attitude to life in ‘Henry’s Box’ leads him to a magic encounter with a box in an old warehouse.
Finally in ‘Most precious’ a high priestess‘s magical decanter of sacred water is found by an archaeologist who wants to keep the find for himself.

In conclusion, this book is a revelation to magic worlds on earth and on different planets. The writer has a talented and inventive mind. Though I do not normally read horror/speculative fiction, I did find this book very entertaining, and would recommend its purchase to readers of these genres.
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.